The Yogini

Chris Nawojczyk doing naked yoga split (hunamanasana).

Chris Nawojczyk

Yogini | Photographer | Entrepreneur | Model

My name is Chris. I’ve been doing yoga for almost 10 years. I have a passion for going deep within myself to discover the true, authentic being that I am. Yoga has helped me heal and restore my mind, body and spirit from past dramas and challenges. I decided to make this site to celebrate my love for yoga in the raw, unfettered by the restraints of clothing.

I have had incredible experiences thus far in my practice and overall life by awaking my shakti energy, befriending the kundalini snake at the base of my spine. My exceptional growth through tantric-kundalini yoga practice has awoken the sexual power of the divine feminine, the goddess that I am.

I encourage others to join me on this amazing path to enlightenment by tapping into your original essence. Unleash the unguarded wild nature of your true self; your artistry, your passion, and your beautiful naked body. For inquires on yoga or model bookings, contact me here.

Chris Nawojczyk of Yoga Stripped standing naked on the beach with seaweed wrapped around her body.


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