Yogini Christina of Yoga Stripped doing inverted full lotus.

Embrace Your Empowerment Through Erotic, Naked Yoga

There’s a lot going on this world. Yet still, amidst the noise and clutter, the commotion and drama, there’s a still small voice telling you that all is well. It’s leading you to the place within, where all your being is in synch with the universe.

Naked yoga opens the door. Yoga Stripped was started from my subjective experience of going within my soul through the ancient practice of yoga in the raw. Yoga alone has a spiritual component that unites body, mind and spirit—virtually all that we perceive in this three-dimensional reality. However, doing naked yoga takes this a step further.

When you take off your clothes without regard for culture, stereotypes, norms or traditions, you may feel like a rebel with a very good cause. I do. I feel awesome, like a sexual creature empowered to express my erotic nature in movement, breath, and stillness. The magic of being undressed and feeling your body move through poses and stretches without the cumbrances of clothing is wildly sensual.

Not only does it liberate your mind and senses to what truly matters, which is you, but it has profound health and healing benefits both physically and psychologically.

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